Ep.87 – Jeremy Mayfield

Jeremy Mayfield is one of the most unique stories in NASCAR history. Rising through the ranks on the merit of hard work and true grit, Jeremy worked as a mechanic, fabricator, you name it… just to get rides where he could. Eventually it worked, landing himself a ride with the fabled Michael Kranefuss and eventually merging with Penske Racing. Proving his worth, Jeremy eventually moved to a factory-Dodge effort run by the legendary Ray Evernham, and this is where the story would begin. After a tumultuous couple of years, Jeremy would leave and eventually start his own team a couple years later, only to be suspended by NASCAR for failing a drug test. This would eventually lead to multiple tests and failures for methamphetamines, leading to an indefinite suspension. However, to this day Jeremy refutes the tests and allegations, and over the last seven years has been committed to pleading his case with the public on what he believes is the truth behind the story. He tells it all, and it’s like nothing you’ll ever hear. Lunch was served at at the Silver Grill in Denver, NC, with the music of FloTone taking us out. Thanks to Continental Tire for all of their support, and Acura for providing a great MDX.

One thought on “Ep.87 – Jeremy Mayfield

  • January 19, 2018 at 4:29 am

    I still believe Jeremy! One of the nicest (even though he named me “The Ice Lady”) I still love you. I worked at Daytona and Charlotte for 7 years and NASCAR drivers were great. Jeremy is one of the best.


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