Ep.73 – Scott Tucker: The Business Story

Scott Tucker and his epic “Level 5” sportscar program is the thing of legends. We actually owe a little something to Scott and Level 5 because our own “Level 5 Special” is the most downloaded one in our history. Imagine having a team owner, with a passion for racing, who has the means to fund things properly and really do things “right,” which is code for going big. That’s what Level 5 was, and Scott Tucker was the man behind it. Unfortunately his personal business would meet sharp criticism and controversy as the team went on, eventually folding the team as Scott concentrated on his ongoing legal matters. For the amazing racing stories, tune in to our previous episode. For the business and legal side of the story, as told by Scott, enjoy this one. Dinner was courtesy of the Full Schilling in Wall Street, New York City. Music was provided by Graveler. Thanks to Continental Tire for all of their support, and Acura for providing a great MDX.

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