Ep.42 – Mike Hull

mikehullWhen it comes to managing success, it’s hard to look much further than Mike Hull. As the Managing Director of Chip Ganassi Racing’s IndyCar program, Mike knows a thing or two about winning, having been part of 16 championships, over 60 wins in IndyCar, including four trips to victory lane at the Indianapolis 500. Yeah, he knows how to run a winning program. Yet, somehow he was gracious enough to give us several hours to talk about nothing in particular, including who’s invited to his beach house, who is terrible at karaoke, and more. Dinner was once again served at Tegry Sushi in Indianapolis, with the music of The Aggrolites to close us out. Thanks to Continental Tire for all of their support, and Honda for providing a great car.

One thought on “Ep.42 – Mike Hull

  • February 25, 2017 at 9:36 pm

    Never been an Indy car fan, always sporty cars ( love that term from what’s his name?) but after listening to this, I’m watching Indy cars now. So you guys have caused a change in the indyverse with your silly podcasts. Way to go. Also my Lotus Esprit wears Continental Contact Extreme DWs, so take credit for that. My Formula Vee wears Hoosiers, another continental division, so you’re batting 1000. Keep the podcasts coming 😀👍


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