#DWR3, The Third Season of “Dinner with Racers” Launches Today

Furthering their commitment to awful life choices and declining health, the epic third season of “Dinner with Racers” launches today, setting a number of new milestones for hosts Ryan Eversley and Sean Heckman. Driving a record number of miles to record the highest guest count in series history, the team is proud to release the first wave of recordings to the public today, boasting a remarkable guest list that includes everything from Formula 1 World Champions, to NASCAR Monster Energy Cup champions, Indy 500 champions, and Ryan Lewis.

Driving a 13,000 mile journey over 34 days to meet with 29 guests, the duo and their Acura MDX, shod with Continental Cross Contact LX Sport tires, drove further and longer than any season prior. Passing through 25 states along the way, the total mileage for the series has now eclipsed the size of Earth’s circumference, as well as approximately 10,000,000 calories consumed exclusively at gas stations along the way

Meeting with some of motorsports most influential and storied characters, this year’s journey is labelled as the season of “holy s***!!”

Beginning their season with Dario Franchitti, a three-time Indy 500 winner and four-time IndyCar series champion, the trip continues through an amazing journey that meets up with legends like Mario Andretti and Tony Stewart, as well as some of the more unique careers of guests like Shane Hmiel and Jeremy Mayfield. Enjoying unstructured, long-form conversation “over dinner,” stories throughout the season range from multiple accounts of getting robbed at Taco Bell, two different accounts of life with a pet pig, and getting a hickey from Dale Earnhardt.

The series was once again sponsored by Continental Tire, who “picked up the check” for all of the meals, as well as Acura who allowed Ryan Eversley, a factory racer for Acura and HPD Motorsports, to put all 13,000 miles on his company car.

For Ryan Eversley, the continuation of the series is a testament to the support of the fan and motorsport community.

“HOLY SH**!!” stated Eversley. “What an unbelievable season we have in store. It’s unreal who we had join us this year, but even more incredible is the stories they told. To have the caliber of guests that we had join us, and give us an insane amount of time and be as open as they were, is something that’s hard for Sean and I to fathom. We couldn’t be happier with how this year’s trip went, and I think the fans will be blown away. I hope it’s as much fun to listen as it was to produce, this has been an incredible project for all of us.”

At the time of this release, Sean Heckman’s whereabouts were unknown.

The first 12 recordings, spread across 15 episodes, are available now, with the remaining conversation to be posted in December. Everything can be heard at dinnerwithracers.com, as well as iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, and wherever free podcasts are sold.

Releasing Now:

Dario Franchitti

Dr. Jerry Punch

Scott Dixon

Doug Boles

Robin Miller

Dorsey Schroeder

Ryan Lewis

Craig Hampson

Brian Till

Mario Andretti

Parker Kligerman

Scott Tucker

Coming in December:

Jeremy Shaw

Alwin Springer

Cole Pearn

Paul Tracy

Lyn St. James

Willy T. Ribbs

Alex Bowman

Ryan Blaney

Tony Stewart

Chocolate Myers

Robby Gordon

Jeremy Mayfield

Shane Hmiel

Tommy Byrne

Doug Boles

Brian Redman

Josef Newgarden

“One More Ride,” Dinner with Racers Podcast Continues for Season Three

LOS ANGELES (July 27, 2017) – Nearly two years and 57 episodes after their first road trip together, “Dinner with Racers” hosts Ryan Eversley and Sean Heckman will be at it again. Embarking on yet another road trip this Fall, the duo will once again be rolling on Continental tires for the third consecutive season. While much of the podcast format will be the same as the last two seasons, the team is proud to announce a series of new initiatives, including the launch of an official guest submission contest, as well as other fan contests to be revealed as they get closer to hitting the road.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this again,” stated co-host Eversley. “It’s honestly a lot of fun to do this, and in many ways very refreshing. The enthusiasm we find in every guest we meet, no matter how accomplished, is incredible, and something that reminds us both how great it is to work in this sport. The only thing more satisfying is the tremendous fan response we’ve had over the years. We honestly had no clue how many people would not only listen, but respond so positively, and for that we couldn’t be more grateful. This year we’re trying to do a little more to include our fan-base, we hope they enjoy it.”

“I agree, it’s a lot of fun,” continued Heckman. “For the first week.”

Continuing the same format as the first two seasons, “Dinner with Racers” will involve a large, cross-country road trip this fall, with Eversley, a full-time competitor in the World Challenge series for RealTime Racing’s Acura NSX GT3 program, and Heckman, a partner in TMB Creative, Inc., a marketing firm that services a number of motorsport clients.

The duo will be making numerous stops along the way to have dinner with people in the racing industry, from drivers to team owners, engineers and industry veterans. Sitting down and recording an unstructured, free flowing conversation, the podcast series is notorious for divulging untold stories, no shortage of bad jokes, and generally giving fans an unfiltered view of what it’s like to sit down “to dinner” with some of their racing heroes.

New to this season will be a series of fan-involved contests and programs. First, the expansion of several staff members allows the team to finally accept proper guest submissions for fans and representatives alike. Most important to this, is the team’s commitment to allowing the first ever “fan vote” for their favorite racer, with the “Dinner With Racers” team committed to bringing on the most-voted guest via their website.

Fans can submit their guest recommendations here – www.dinnerwithracers.com/myracer

While the series will continue courtesy of support from Continental Tire, who has partnered with the podcast since day one, additional sponsorship opportunities are available. Visit www.dinnerwithracers/bribes for more information.

Official updates on the series can be found at dinnerwithracers.com, as well as Facebook (Dinner with Racers), Twitter (@DWRshow), and Instagram (@dinner_with_racers). More entertaining and unofficial updates can be found via Ryan Eversley (twitter: @RyanEversley  Instagram: @eversley) and Sean Heckman’s (@SeanHeckman) personal Twitter and Instagram accounts.


Picking up the Check Again, “Dinner with Racers” Podcast Launches Second Season.

Picking up the Check Again, “Dinner with Racers” Podcast Launches Second Season.

One year after the successful debut of the motorsport podcast series “Dinner with Racers,” the antics of Ryan Eversley and Sean Heckman have returned for the binge release of “Season Two,” launching today. Following their 2015 debut that featured a month-long road trip recording 26 conversations “over dinner” with some of the most interesting characters in motorsports, the duo will launch another 28 recordings for their 2016 adventure. The second season will be released in two waves, with “Release One” launching the first 14 recordings immediately, and “Release Two” featuring an additional 14 recordings slated to release on December 16. All episodes can be found at www.dinnerwithracers.com or via iTunes.

Travelling for 40 days across 29 states, and covering 12,000 miles in 2016, the trip was made possible in part by the Honda Odyssey that was lent to the team by American Honda Motor Co., Inc, and most importantly thanks to a continuing title partnership with Continental Tire, who not only provided Cross Contact LX20 tires for the trip but covered the team’s expenses, as well as every meal.

Continuing the same theme from the debut season, #DWR2 follows a nearly identical format. A factory racing driver for Acura in the World Challenge series, Ryan Eversley makes up half of the hosting lineup, with motorsport marketing / creative content veteran Sean Heckman completing the duo. Using their unique blend of humor, insight, experience, as well as genuine love of the sport, Eversley and Heckman pick up right where they left off in Season One, exposing some of the most unique and entertaining stories from their variety of guests.

Meeting up with 28 different characters “over dinner,” listeners will exposed to a variety of personalities, everything from NASCAR and IndyCar star drivers, to some of the most respected engineers and mechanics, journalists, and broadcasters in the business. Stories cover everything from what it was like to be the first woman to qualify for the Indianapolis 500 and then Daytona 500, to giving up a contract worth over $2mil just to be a “good guy,” to turning a satiric twitter account in to a full-time job, as well as enjoying life after nearly three decades in prison. Topics include everything from a transgender pig, to being given dead cat whiskers as a good luck charm, to having guns pulled in the middle of a race shop, and even buying a race track in the hopes of laundering money through it.

For Ryan Eversley, a chance to continue the series was a welcome one.

“I know it’s a cliché, but It truly is such an honor and a privilege to be able to do this,” stated Eversley. “Both Sean and I were truly blown away by the fan support from Season One, it’s honestly something we weren’t expecting. It really meant a lot to get so many nice comments, and that kept us very motivated for Season Two. I think our genuine love of the sport translates when people listen, because we really enjoy hearing the real back stories in what makes everyone so unique. This season did not disappoint us at all. This show lives and dies by its guests, and we couldn’t have been luckier to have such a great group who were not only engaging and interesting, but also incredibly gracious with their time. It’s an absolute blast doing this, and we really appreciate Continental for continuing their support, as well as Honda for giving us an incredibly comfortable car for such a long trip.”

For Sean Heckman, a similar sentiment is shared.

“What he said,” stated Heckman.

Additionally, the series will continue to support less exposed musical acts, with each episode promoting a variety of musicians and bands at the close of every episode.

Additional inquiries can be sent to info@dinnerwithracers.com.


RELEASE ONE (available now):

Johnny O’Connell

John Eversley

Calvin Fish

Joey Hand

Janet Guthrie

Brad Kettler

Mike Shank

Marc Miller

Landon Cassill

Dan Binks

Kenny Wallace

Kevin “Rocket” Blanch

Mike Hull

Ed Carpenter

RELEASE TWO (coming soon):


Matt Hardigree

Justin Marks

Marty Smith

Max Jones

David Hobbs

Hurley Haywood

Don Whittington

Randy Lanier

Eddie Gossage

PD Cunningham

Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. (with Kyle Larson and Ryan Blaney)

Brendan Gaughan

Alex Gurney

“Dinner with Racers” Back for Another Season, Recording Now

seanryandwrupright SOMEWHERE IN THE USA (October 12, 2016)– Following a successful first season in which hosts Ryan Eversley and Sean Heckman embarked on cross-country journey that would see them drive 8,000 miles to meet up with 26 guests, the duo along with program partner Continental Tire are proud to announce the return of their popular motorsport podcast “Dinner with Racers.” While the latest batch of episodes will likely not be released until November, the series has officially begun recording, starting now.

As a motorsport podcast focusing on meeting with some of the most interesting characters in the sport, “Dinner with Racers” features an un-structured format in which the hosts meet up with drivers, team owners, engineers, journalists, and a variety of industry veterans in search of some of the most legendary tales of racing and beyond. Previous guests have included 2016 IndyCar Champion Simon Pagenaud, motorsport legend Tommy Kendall, five-time Rolex 24 winner Andy Lally, and dozens of others.

For Season Two, Continental Tire will continue their partnership and support of the series, and similarly the duo will be driving an all-new Honda Odyssey during the adventure, courtesy of American Honda. Hosted by sportscar race winner and Acura factory driver Ryan Eversley as well as motorsport behind-the-scenes veteran Sean Heckman, the duo will chronicle their journey via their social media channels, along with Bill Riley.

The duo can be followed below:

Ryan Eversley
Instagram: @eversley
Twitter: @ryaneversley
Snapchat: @eversley
Facebook: Ryan Eversley

Sean Heckman
Instagram: @sean.heckman
Twitter: @seanheckman
Facebook: Sean Heckman

Bryan Clauson: 1989-2016


Like much of the racing community at-large, the team at Dinner with Racers would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to the family of Bryan Clauson, his fiancé Lauren, as well as Bryan’s friends and fans. We were beyond fortunate to have been able to sit down to dinner with him during our first season of recording, and he’ll always have a permanent place in our hearts.



Below are the official statements from our series hosts, Ryan Eversley and Sean Heckman.

Ryan Eversley, Co-Creator and Co-Host of Dinner with Racers:

“It was devastating to hear the news of Bryan’s accident, and I’m very saddened to see such an amazing talent leave us. Neither of us knew him when we met him last year, and we were instantly engaged. He completely ‘got it.’ He was a great storyteller, gelled instantly with us, and we both walked away big fans. Above that, he was a heck of a racer, a true living legend. When he told us about his plan to run 200 races we simply couldn’t get over it, and I’ve rooted for him ever since. I wish my best for his family and friends.”

Sean Heckman, Co-Creator and Co-Host of Dinner with Racers:

“For someone we had never met before, Bryan felt immediately like ‘one of the guys’ when we sat down to eat with him. He was an amazing combination of funny, personable, but also remarkably humble and understated, the kind of guy both Ryan and I instantly could get along with. He was a true ‘working’ driver, the kind of guy who was paving his own success, and it is because of this that so many of us view him as a true racer’s racer. Above that, he loved his small family, and REALLY loved his dogs, a lot. That’s something that always hit home with me, and part of a legend that will be hard to forget.”

“Dinner with Racers” Podcast Debuts, First 17 Episodes Unveiled

DWR_ad-01Ryan Eversley, Sean Heckman and Continental Tire Travel the Country for Your Free Enjoyment

LOS ANGELES (November 18, 2015)– It took 8,000 miles, 30 days, and 20 states to record, but the highly anticipated “Dinner with Racers” podcast is finally available for free download with the first 17 episodes available now via iTunes. The remaining episodes (27 conversations in total) will release this coming Tuesday, November 24, in advance of people’s travels for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

It’s a podcast, please don’t ask why the video isn’t working.

An idea that was several years in the making, “Dinner with Racers” takes the audience on a journey with hosts, Ryan Eversley and Sean Heckman, as they drive across the country in an Acura MDX shod in CrossContact LX20 tires, stopping for a variety of meals with notable figures along the way.


A unique format, the series focuses on an unstructured, free-flowing conversation that allows the audience to get to know the true personality of each guest with all conversations lasting over an hour, and filled with stories, insights, opinions, and oftentimes, outright absurdity.

Focusing on variety, the guest roster includes everyone from drivers to engineers to race officials, journalists, team owners, and involving a number of disciplines including IndyCar, SportsCar, NASCAR, Global RallyCross and beyond.

The show is the brainchild of both hosts, with Eversley currently holding the title of factory driver for Acura in The Pirelli World Challenge and Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge and Heckman a current partner in TMB Creative, Inc., who perform a number of creative services for organizations both in and out of motorsport.

“It was a true honor to make this series,” stated Eversley. “It was unbelievable how open and willing everyone was to this concept, and the fact that we were able to find so many great guests is a testament to the industry’s commitment to bringing out the personalities in this sport that we all love so much. It was a ton of fun recording all of these conversations, and I hope the enjoyment that we had translates to everyone listening, hopefully this is the first of many more seasons to come.”

“Thirty days in a car with Ryan is… an experience,” continued Heckman. “I’m shocked we both still talk to each other, but I think it’s because we were distracted by the entertainment-factor that was all of our guests. We really put an effort into variety, and I think it shows. This entire series was a selfish exercise because, quite frankly, these were all people we wanted to spend time with anyway, the recording equipment and free meal just gave us an excuse.”

The series was made possible with the support of Continental Tire, who are a long-time supporter of American sports car racing through IMSA.

Everyone is encouraged to listen in by either visiting iTunes  or directly at www.dinnerwithracers.com.


RELEASE ONE: “Headed West”
Available Now

Episode One: Andy Lally
Episode Two: Bob Varsha
Episode Three: Rutledge Wood / Tanner Foust
Episode Four: Spencer / Tom Pumpelly
Episode Five: Katherine Legge
Episode Six: Beaux Barfield
Episode Seven: Jeff Braun
Episode Eight: The Level 5 Special
Episode Nine: Kenny Sargent / Crash Gladys (“The SpeedFreaks”)
Episode 10: Patrick Long
Episode 11: Oriol Servia
Episode 12: CJ Wilson
Episode 13: Erik Valdez
Episode 14: Paul Pfanner
Episode 15: Marshall Pruett
Episode 16: Memo Gidley
Episode 17: Gill Campbell

RELEASE TWO: “Headed East”
Available Tuesday, November 24, 2015

-John Dagys
-Sean Johnson
-Derrick Walker
-Bryan Clauson
-Sarah Fisher
-Simon Pagenaud
-Bill Riley
-Tommy Kendall
-Shea Adam
-Liam Dwyer