Bryan Clauson: 1989-2016


Like much of the racing community at-large, the team at Dinner with Racers would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to the family of Bryan Clauson, his fiancé Lauren, as well as Bryan’s friends and fans. We were beyond fortunate to have been able to sit down to dinner with him during our first season of recording, and he’ll always have a permanent place in our hearts.



Below are the official statements from our series hosts, Ryan Eversley and Sean Heckman.

Ryan Eversley, Co-Creator and Co-Host of Dinner with Racers:

“It was devastating to hear the news of Bryan’s accident, and I’m very saddened to see such an amazing talent leave us. Neither of us knew him when we met him last year, and we were instantly engaged. He completely ‘got it.’ He was a great storyteller, gelled instantly with us, and we both walked away big fans. Above that, he was a heck of a racer, a true living legend. When he told us about his plan to run 200 races we simply couldn’t get over it, and I’ve rooted for him ever since. I wish my best for his family and friends.”

Sean Heckman, Co-Creator and Co-Host of Dinner with Racers:

“For someone we had never met before, Bryan felt immediately like ‘one of the guys’ when we sat down to eat with him. He was an amazing combination of funny, personable, but also remarkably humble and understated, the kind of guy both Ryan and I instantly could get along with. He was a true ‘working’ driver, the kind of guy who was paving his own success, and it is because of this that so many of us view him as a true racer’s racer. Above that, he loved his small family, and REALLY loved his dogs, a lot. That’s something that always hit home with me, and part of a legend that will be hard to forget.”