Ep.29 – Liam Dwyer

LiamDwyerSSgt Liam Dwyer served multiple tours in the U.S. Marine Corps, serving both in Iraq and then Afghanistan where an IED would cause significant injury to him, including the loss of his left leg. A true racer, Liam hasn’t let any of this slow him down and he’s still racing in the Continental Tire Sportscar Challenge, where he took an amazing series of victories in the 2015 season. Breakfast was courtesy of The Orange Tree in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Thanks to Continental Tire for the continued support!

Ep.28 – Shea Adam

SheaAdamShea Adam is a star on the rise when it comes to motorsport broadcasters. An addition in recent years to the Radio LeMans pit reporting lineup, Shea explains her process and diligence, but with a great sense of humor about it. Topics include how she started, who has the best/worst game, and a few reference to Dominick Farnbacher’s hair. Dinner was courtesy of BurgerFi in Tampa, Florida. Thanks to Continental Tire for the continued support!

Ep.25 – Jordan/Ricky Taylor

JordanRickyTaylorJordan and Ricky Taylor are two sportscar drivers unlike any other, not sure what else there is to say. The sons of driving legend and current team owner Wayne Taylor, both drivers have numerous prototype wins, including Jordan’s 2013 championship and 2015 LeMans 24 victory. Topics include countless pee and poo stories, who they’d punch in the face, and picking on their Dad. Dinner was courtesy of Jordan from his home in Apropka, Florida. Thanks to Continental Tire for the continued support!

Ep.24 – Bill Riley

BillRileyBill Riley is an engineer, designer, and all-around awesome dude that, along with his father, spearheads Riley Technologies, the driving force behind many of the greatest sportscars in the last 30 years. You’d think for a guy with his success and reputation that he wouldn’t be as funny as he is, but he is thoroughly entertaining, including a number of stories that you have to hear to believe. Dinner was courtesy of Bill and his fiancée Mary from their home in Mooresville, North Carolina. Thanks to Continental Tire for the continued support!

Ep.23 – Simon Pagenaud

simonpagenaudSimon Pagenaud is a driver who is proof that hard work can persevere. Having gone from closed programs to driving as a substitute to habitually showing up on track looking for a ride, he is now an IndyCar star and driving for the legendary Penske Racing. Despite this, he’s still pretty entertaining, full of impressions, and an expert on cheese… because he’s French. Lunch was courtesy of Port City Club in Huntersville, North Carolina. Thanks to Continental Tire for the continued support!

Ep.22 – Sarah Fisher

SarahFisherSarah Fisher is a driver-turned-team owner who has truly carved out her own niche in IndyCar. The first woman to score a podium in Indycar, first to score a pole, and now a co-owner of CFH Racing which is coming off a stellar 2015 season where they took two wins. We’d never met her before, and holy crap is she funny, with topics including most annoying children’s song, flipping sprint cars and test driving an F1 car. Lunch was courtesy of Tegry Sushi in Indianapolis, Indiana. Thanks to Continental Tire for the continued support!

Ep.21 – Bryan Clauson

BryanClausonBryan Clauson is a driver who is an oval legend, winning everything there is to win in USAC, before being signed at 16 to Chip Ganassi’s stock car team as a development driver and most recently racing the Indy 500. More importantly, his dog has more Twitter followers than most sportscar drivers, and he’s one of the most normal guys you could meet. Dinner was courtesy of Matt the Millers in Carmel, Indiana, with the music of Slightly Stoopid closing us out.Thanks to Continental Tire for the continued support!

Ep.20 – Derrick Walker

09-25-Derrick-Walker-QA-StdDerrick Walker is a true legend of the sport, first working in Formula One with Brabham and then on to IndyCars with Roger Penske, leading to owning his own race team and then becoming one of the main guys in charge at IndyCar. We have no idea why he took the time for us, and apparently neither did he, but regardless it was an excellent time hearing his stories. Lunch was brought to him courtesy of BBI deli in Indianapolis, he didn’t eat it.Thanks to Continental Tire for the continued support!

Ep.18 – Sean Johnson

SeanJohnsonSean Johnson is a soccer goalie for the US Men’s National Team and Chicago Fire in MLS. So why is he on our podcast? Well this dude won Continental’s first season of “What’cha Got?,” a web competition series where MLS players raced each other to win a Lamborghini for a year. The dude has a major interest in racing, this is the episode for anyone looking to learn the fundamentals of racing. Lunch was served at Hub51 in Chicago, with the music of Elle Carpenter sending us out. Thanks to Continental Tire for the continued support.

Ep.17 – Gill Campbell

Photo: Michael Troutman/www.dmtimaging.com
Photo: Michael Troutman/www.dmtimaging.com

Gill Campbell has been the head woman in charge of Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca since 2002, and holy crap is she awesome. In our conversation she doesn’t dodge anything as she explains the challenges of a publicly owned track, which fans are the worst, and who she would get on her knees for. Lunch took place at Turn 12 in Monterey, California, with the music of Citizen Cope sending us out. Thanks to Continental Tire for the continued support.

Ep.16 – Memo Gidley

MemoGidleyMemo Gidley is a driver who truly came from living on a boat in California, to driving in IndyCar just seven years later…. only to suffer a major accident in January, 2014, that that he’s still recovering from. Despite this, Jose Guillermo can tell some awesome stories, ranging from his recovery, to being smuggled in to the country, to growing up on a boat with guys named “Bugle Tom.” Dinner was delivered by Sol Food in Mill Valley, California, with the music of Slightly Stoopid sending us out. Thanks to Continental Tire for the continued support.

Ep.15 – Marshall Pruett

MarshallPruettMarshall Pruett is a journalist who didn’t start that way, and it shows because he has an understanding of the sport and technical aspects that make him one of the most respected reporters in the paddock. Starting as a shop grunt and eventually going to “the other side of pit wall,” we learn about jobs outside of racing, the WWE, 80’s rap and he even managed to sneak in a few quotes from Bill Burr. Lunch was served at The Smoking Pig in Fremont, California, with the music of I See Hawks in LA sending us out. Thanks to Continental Tire for the continued support.

Ep.14 – Paul Pfanner

PaulPfannerPaul Pfanner has uniquely succeeded in the business of motorsports, which makes us wonder why he took the time for us. Not only did the guy start Racer Magazine, but he runs a very successful marketing and consultancy business that has carved a rare niche for him as a Captain of the industry… but the dude still has a good sense of humor and you see why he’s so respected. Breakfast was served at The Citrus Cafe in Tustin, California, with the music of Stoney Spring sending us out. Thanks to Continental Tire for the continued support.

Ep.13 – Erik Valdez

ErikValdezErik Valdez is a true working actor, having starred in television shows such as Graceland, a little show called General Hospital, and more. A true racer at the core, we cover everything from the parallels between both industries, calling him out on actor nonsense, and how Zach Morris once beat him on the track. Dinner was served at The Canoe House in South Pasadena, California, with the music of Elle Carpenter sending us out. Thanks to Continental Tire for the continued support.

Ep.12 – CJ Wilson

CJWilsonCJ Wilson is not only a bad-ass All-Star pitcher, but the Anaheim Angels star also owns a championship-winning race team, and the dude just loves cars. Random series of conversations include passenger-seat coaching, how baseball works, and an endless series of impressions. Lunch was served at Las Barcas in Huntington Beach, California, with the music of Stoney Spring sending us out. Thanks to Continental Tire for the continued support.

Ep.11 – Oriol Servia

OriolServiaOriol Servia has been an IndyCar driver for over 15 years, proving that a random guy from Catalonia can make it if he’s actually a good person… which this guy is. Topics covered include the movie Navy Seals vs. Zombies, the movie Oldboy, and extensive further discussions of pissing in race seats. Dinner was courtesy of Tsukiji Sushi Sen in Santa Monica, with the music of Citizen Cope sending us out. Thanks to Continental Tire for the continued support.

Ep.10 – Patrick Long

PatrickLongPatrick Long is the lone American Works driver for Porsche, which is too bad considering they’ll likely drop him after hearing this. Great conversation including doing stupid stuff when you’re young (or in your 30’s), life as a new Dad, and proof that he’s a master impressionist. Brunch was courtesy of Deus Ex Machina in Venice, California, with the music of The Grouch & Eligh sending us out. Thanks to Continental Tire for their continued support.

Ep.9 – Kenny Sargent / Crash Gladys

SpeedFreaksThe “SpeedFreaks” are used to being the ones running the interview, so we decided to put them on the other side of the microphone for a change. Having run various iterations of their motorsport talkshow for over a decade, we learn that the fights between Kenny Sargent and co-host/wife Crash Gladys are real, Kenny loves discussing scabs and urine, and we’d be subpoenaed if Ralf Schumacher ever disappeared. Lunch was courtesy of the Hillside Spot in Phoenix, Arizona, with the music of Slightly Stoopid sending us out. Thanks to Continental Tire for being supporters of both shows!

Ep.8 – The Level 5 Special

L5JBraunOur first special edition! After Jeff Braun talked for nearly an hour on the various projects of Level 5 Motorsports, we decided this had to be a stand-alone piece. We won’t get in to the history of Level 5 here, but just imagine if you had a team owner who gave you a virtually unlimited budget to just go out and do things exactly as you’d always wanted to…. with music sending us out courtesy of The Aggrolites. Thanks to Continental Tire for making this all possible.

Ep.7 – Jeff Braun

JeffBraunJeff Braun is one of the most experienced and respected engineers in all of motorsports, and now we know why. Not only does this guy have incredible stories, but the dude literally lives in his race shop in Ovalo, Texas (see: middle of nowhere). Dinner was served in his kitchen courtesy of Jeff and his wife, Diane, with the music of Double Naught Spycar playing us out. Thanks to Continental Tire for making this all possible.

Ep.6 – Beaux Barfield

BeauxBarfieldBeaux Barfield has been a Race Director for over a decade, and has managed to build a career and namesake despite holding racing’s least desirable job. Here his tales from IndyCar, sportscar, as well as learn about his car collection that he can’t get rid of. Dinner was served at Beaux’s Bar & Grill in Houston, with food delivered by Hungry’s. Thanks to Continental Tire for making this all possible.

Ep.5 – Katherine Legge

KatherineLeggeDriver Katherine Legge has a few glasses of wine, and the awesomeness ensues. A veteran of IndyCar and sportscar racing, the first woman to win in professional open-wheel racing in the U.S. covers topics including: her least favorite teammate, her favorite crashes, and going 240mph. Dinner was served at Zuma Sushi in Atlanta, with the music of Citizen Cope (available on iTunes) sending us out. Thanks to Continental Tire for making this all possible

Ep.4 – Spencer & Tom Pumpelly

Spencer-Tom-PumpellyDriver Spencer Pumpelly and his father, Tom, a former driver himself, discuss vehicular manslaughter, flipping busses, being homeless, and the dynamic of a father and son in racing. While Tom was a star of IMSA racing in the ’80’s, the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree (on the track) with Spencer’s two wins at The Rolex 24 at Daytona. Lunch was served at Raging Burrit

Ep.3 – Rutledge Wood / Tanner Foust

IMG_9012Top Gear USA hosts Rutledge Wood and Tanner Foust ramble on for two hours about everything from arriving hung over on set, to dance pants, to witnessing a rat run across the floor mid-conversation. Dinner (pizza) was served at an undisclosed hotel in northern Los Angeles county, with music from I See Hawks in LA (available on iTunes) closing us out. Thanks to Continental Tire for making this all possible.

Ep.2 – Bob Varsha

BobVarshaTelevision commentator Bob Varsha takes us through his career through four decades of motorsports and beyond, working for networks including FOX Sports, SPEED, ESPN and more. Topics cover everything from announcing during tragedies all the way to his time at the glee club. Lunch was served at Folk Art in Atlanta, with music from Stoney Spring (available on iTunes) closing us out. Thanks to Continental Tire for make this all possible.

“Dinner with Racers” Podcast Debuts, First 17 Episodes Unveiled

DWR_ad-01Ryan Eversley, Sean Heckman and Continental Tire Travel the Country for Your Free Enjoyment

LOS ANGELES (November 18, 2015)– It took 8,000 miles, 30 days, and 20 states to record, but the highly anticipated “Dinner with Racers” podcast is finally available for free download with the first 17 episodes available now via iTunes. The remaining episodes (27 conversations in total) will release this coming Tuesday, November 24, in advance of people’s travels for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

It’s a podcast, please don’t ask why the video isn’t working.

An idea that was several years in the making, “Dinner with Racers” takes the audience on a journey with hosts, Ryan Eversley and Sean Heckman, as they drive across the country in an Acura MDX shod in CrossContact LX20 tires, stopping for a variety of meals with notable figures along the way.


A unique format, the series focuses on an unstructured, free-flowing conversation that allows the audience to get to know the true personality of each guest with all conversations lasting over an hour, and filled with stories, insights, opinions, and oftentimes, outright absurdity.

Focusing on variety, the guest roster includes everyone from drivers to engineers to race officials, journalists, team owners, and involving a number of disciplines including IndyCar, SportsCar, NASCAR, Global RallyCross and beyond.

The show is the brainchild of both hosts, with Eversley currently holding the title of factory driver for Acura in The Pirelli World Challenge and Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge and Heckman a current partner in TMB Creative, Inc., who perform a number of creative services for organizations both in and out of motorsport.

“It was a true honor to make this series,” stated Eversley. “It was unbelievable how open and willing everyone was to this concept, and the fact that we were able to find so many great guests is a testament to the industry’s commitment to bringing out the personalities in this sport that we all love so much. It was a ton of fun recording all of these conversations, and I hope the enjoyment that we had translates to everyone listening, hopefully this is the first of many more seasons to come.”

“Thirty days in a car with Ryan is… an experience,” continued Heckman. “I’m shocked we both still talk to each other, but I think it’s because we were distracted by the entertainment-factor that was all of our guests. We really put an effort into variety, and I think it shows. This entire series was a selfish exercise because, quite frankly, these were all people we wanted to spend time with anyway, the recording equipment and free meal just gave us an excuse.”

The series was made possible with the support of Continental Tire, who are a long-time supporter of American sports car racing through IMSA.

Everyone is encouraged to listen in by either visiting iTunes  or directly at www.dinnerwithracers.com.


RELEASE ONE: “Headed West”
Available Now

Episode One: Andy Lally
Episode Two: Bob Varsha
Episode Three: Rutledge Wood / Tanner Foust
Episode Four: Spencer / Tom Pumpelly
Episode Five: Katherine Legge
Episode Six: Beaux Barfield
Episode Seven: Jeff Braun
Episode Eight: The Level 5 Special
Episode Nine: Kenny Sargent / Crash Gladys (“The SpeedFreaks”)
Episode 10: Patrick Long
Episode 11: Oriol Servia
Episode 12: CJ Wilson
Episode 13: Erik Valdez
Episode 14: Paul Pfanner
Episode 15: Marshall Pruett
Episode 16: Memo Gidley
Episode 17: Gill Campbell

RELEASE TWO: “Headed East”
Available Tuesday, November 24, 2015

-John Dagys
-Sean Johnson
-Derrick Walker
-Bryan Clauson
-Sarah Fisher
-Simon Pagenaud
-Bill Riley
-Tommy Kendall
-Shea Adam
-Liam Dwyer

Ep.1 – Andy Lally

AndyLegendary driver Andy Lally discusses everything from how people in NASCAR cheated better than him, late-80’s wrestling, and virtually no talk of sportscar racing at all, despite the fact he’s a four-time Rolex 24 winner and three-time champion in the former GRAND-AM Rolex Sports Car Series. Dinner was served at Ammazza in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward, with music from The Blue Hours (available on iTunes) closing us out. Thanks to Continental Tire for making it all possible.